The Taste of Gujaratis

The Taste Of Gujaratis

The taste which is originated from the western part of the India is the Taste of Gujaratis. The taste which is flavored by Onion and Garlic is the Taste of Gujaratis. The taste that you never find in any restaurants is the Taste of Gujaratis.

Despite being a Gujarati, the majority of people, consume vegetarian food is more. We never eat food without onion and garlic. But due to the variety of cultures and its teaching, we often omit using them. So there is a difference in our taste, there is a difference in our food preparation. I am a Gujarati so I will explain now that how the taste differs.

The vegetarians:

There is a simplicity in its preparation style. Sesame seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves play a major role in our recipes. Any meal is incomplete without the sweet element.  We Gujaratis use a considerable amount of sugar to make the taste consistent. The reason behind the use of sugar is that the water is salty on the western region. So to balance it, we make much use of it. As the weather is hot and dry there, we take curd with or after a meal. But a real Gujarati will add water to it and drink and from that, so the ‘Chaas’ is essential in every Gujratis meal.


In a Gujarati thali, you will find various kinds of lip-smacking dishes. From stir fry to boil food, a combination of different spices and flavors, fusion of sweet, sour, salty & spicy, different types of Rotis (Thepla, Bhakri, Puran Puri), pickles, salad and so much to offer.  Nowadays, the youngsters getting attracted to the Oily, Spicy food. Even the chefs are coming with the new fusion recipes, But if you want your tongue to taste tangy then go for Gujrati Food.

The Non-vegetarian’s:

In our Gujarati community, there are Hindus who are Lacto-vegetarians and the Gujarati Muslims who consume Meat and Fish. But this does not mean that the Hindus does not eat fish and egg. A person’s lifestyle change with its surrounding environment. If you live where the majority of people is non-vegetarian than definitely you will also be attracted towards this circle and you will have no control over yourself.

dish 2

The Jains:

The most strict food of living what I feel in today’s life. Before I start, let me tell you they follow “AHIMSA”(non-violence) principle. Every act which people do by killing or injury is seen as violent. So how this karma is related to the food we eat, I will explain you. Jain cooks and eats food so as to not hurt any insects or tiny animals because they believe that this harm caused by them is against their principle. So they do not consume the underground vegetables. jain

Jain’s also don’t eat root vegetables such as onions, potatoes because a tiny living being gets injured when the plant is pulled up. They take care of everything from cooking to eating. Most of the Jain’s cook and eat in daylight because at night insects are attracted towards light & fire. They mostly drink boiling water and do not consume food which is stored overnight.

In India, people consider mostly the vegetarian food for all the occasions. Whether the people follow the culture of Hindu, Muslim or Jain or live in North, South, East or West. Food is always the Best.





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